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Tampo Techniek Nederland BV also known as TTN has been a manufacturer of
pad printing equipment and consumables for more than 35 years. During this period, TTN has
grown into a very experienced supplier for the pad printing industry.

Pad printing pads

TTN supplies a wide range of pad printing pads worldwide. We make pads in our own factory. We can also make special shaped pad printing pads specific for special applications. The pads are available in many shapes and qualities. Besides that we can also make the pad printing pads in any hardness you require. Standard we deliver the pads with an M5 threaded hole for mounting the pads onto your machine. But we can also supply the pad printing pads with M6 thread holes or multiples threaded holes or even without any threaded holes.

Pad printings pad qualities

pad printing pads blue, quality type nr.1

This is the standard quality pad printing pads from our product range. Good quality, universal applicable, good printing properties.

pad printing pads grey, quality type nr. 2

This type of pad printing pad is what we call the Long-Life quality. This pad printing pad has a longer life time because of a better resistance against the inks and thinners. Besides this the pads have excellent printing qualities and good ink transfer.

Pad printing pads turkoois, quality type nr. 3

These pad printing pads are made with silicone with anit-static properties. The pads will not be static charged during printing. Therefore the pad will give printing improvement when you have problems with static electricity problems. Long life time and excellent printing charaterisitcs.

Pad printing pads red, quality type nr. 4

These pad printing pads are made out of the red-brown silicone. These type of pad printing pads are worldwide the most used ones and is a well-known quality in the pad printing business with good printing characteristics which has proven itself for many years.

Coding of TTN pad printing pads

Every TTN pad printing pad is coded on the backside of the pad. This code exists out of 4 numbers, sperated with a point.

Here is the explanation of this code:

72. Stands for the model of the pad printing pad. All models can be seen in our pad catalogue.

5. Stands for the hardness of the pad printing pad. In this case it is 5 shore A. We can supply each pad in any hardness you require. But standard we offer:

  • 0 Shore A
  • 5 Shore A
  • 10 Shore A

If you need another hardness, just let us know and we can make it for you without any additional costs.

1. Stands for the quality of silicone of which the pad printing pad is made from. In this case it is nr.1 standard quality blue. We have the following qualities in our delivery program:

  • 1: Standard quality (blue)
  • 2: Long-life quality (grey)
  • 3: Anti-static quality (turkoois)
  • 4: Red quality (red-brwon)

5. The last number stands for the type of threaded hole in the mounting pate of the pad printing pad. In this case it is M5. M6 is also often used or even no threaded holes.

The pad printing pads are delivered on wooden mounting plates, quipped with a steel insert with a threaded hole. On demand we can also deliver the pads with aluminium mounting plates.

For example:

Pad printing pads catalogue
Below you can find our pad catalogue. You can browse the complete list or make a selection with the help of the filter.

Questions? Please call us or email us. Our pad specialists are at your disposal for assistance.

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