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Liquids and chemicals

Tampo Techniek Nederland BV also known as TTN has been a manufacturer of
pad printing equipment and consumables for more than 35 years. During this period, TTN has
grown into a very experienced supplier for the pad printing industry.

Liquids and chemicals for pad printing

For making pad printing clichés or for cleaning your gear you need all kinds of chemicals. Below is an overview of what we can offer you.

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TTN Alcohol developer RN241

The TTN alcohol developer is used to wash and develop the alcohol washable photopolymer pad printing clichés. From our product range this developer liquid is needed for the production of the S 58, ST 52 and the AFP 52 pad printing cliché plates.

TTN Developer

The TTN developer is used to develop the photo sensitive coating on the steel pad printing etching clichés. This developer can be used for the printing plates with the blue coating and also for the printing plates with the transparent "clear" coating.

TTN Etching liquid

The TTN etching liquid is used for etching all thinsteel clichés and thicksteel clichés without chrome.

TTN 2575 cleaner

The TTN 2575 cleaner can be used to clean the machine parts that have come into contact with ink during the printing process, for example the inkcup and the cliché or other parts.

TTN cleaner / degreaser

This is an alcohol based liquid suitable to clean substrates before printing for a better adhesion. It removes grease from the substrates. It can also be used to remove prints which are rejected. the sooner you clean it, the better you can remove the ink. This liquid doesn’t damage the substrates.

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