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Tampo Techniek Nederland BV also known as TTN has been a manufacturer of
pad printing equipment and consumables for more than 35 years. During this period, TTN has
grown into a very experienced supplier for the pad printing industry.

Pad printing applications

With pad printing you can print almost any kind of substrate. Out of all printing techniques, pad printing is one of the most versatile applicable technique when you lok at printing on difficult shapes of the substrates.

Through the years we have collected a wide variety of customer in different industries. What can you do with pad printing? And in what kind of industries is it used?

Promotional gifts

Pens, usb sticks, notebooks, peppermint boxes, and many other items made out of all kinds of materials like plastic, wood, metal etc can be printed in pad printing.

Plastic industry

All kinds of plastics can be printed with pad printing. The most common ones are for example: Polycarbonate (PC), Acrylic (PMMA), Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS), Poly-vinyl-chloride (PVC), Polystyrene (PS) etc. The variety in plastics is very wide. Products made out of plastic and decorated with pad printing are for example: computers and keyboards, car parts, pens, hand tools, technical parts or for example covers for different applications.

Glass industry

Pad printing is an excellent way of decorating glass. The fact that the pad can adpat itself to the shape of the substrate makes pad printing ani deal technique for printing on round substrates like for example drinking glasses or little glass bottles. Bottles are often made out of glass, but they can also be made out of other materials which can be printed as well. Other applications where you print on glass are for example light bulbs, Tube lights, spectacle glasses, car windows etc.

Tagless printing and textile decorating

Almost all clothing is fitted with a washing tag in the neck or in the side seam. The newest technique to provide these washing instructions and branding is to print it with pad printing. This print can be positioned in the neck of for example a T-shirt. The washing tag will become unnecessary through this print. Caps, trousers and shoes can be printed as well. Insoles and glasses cloths can also be printed with pad printing. TTN can provide ink with Oeko-tex TM Certification.

Automotive industry

ook around in your car! Many buttons on the dashboard are printed with pad printing. Also for example the petrol filling cap and brake pads are printed with pad printing. Under the hood of your car, a lot of items are printed as well. Sometimes it is only for product identification. In this industry a lot of different materials are printed like for example metal, glass, plastics, coated parts, etc.

Printing medical products

Scaling is needed a lot in the medical industry. Catheter tubes, infusion tubes, ostomy’s. all of these items need a print with a proper scaling or a logo on them.

Some of this printing has to be done in clean room environment. TTN has machines that can live up to these specs.

Printing on tools

Hand tools like for example screw drivers, wrenches, spanners, hammers, pliers etc. but also electrical tools like drilling machines, jigsaw machines, grinding machines etc. are in general fitted with some kind of branding or identification. You can also think of safety helmets. Besides this, all kinds of consumables are printed with pad printing. Think of jigsaw blades, saw discs, grinding discs etc.

Cosmetics and care products

Nagellakflesjes, shampoo flessen, parfum flessen. Dit zijn producten die moeten opvallen voor de consument. Ook worden deze producten vaak voorzien van teksten op de achterzijde gedrukt met tampondruk technieken.

Electronics industry

Computers, tablets, car parts, machine parts, electronic components. Lots of small substrates that need identification in the form of for example a bar code. Think also about the blends of a washing machine, the keys on your telephone or stereo. Too many different applications to mention.

Packing industry

Carton boxes, plastic bags, wooden or metal boxes can be decorated with pad printing. All kinds of packagings are printed with a logo, legal text or specs. The packagings that are printed in pad printing are most of the time the smaller ones. For this field, pad printing could be a good solution.

Printing on food and agriculture products

Within these branches, products are more and more printed with the help of pad printing. You can think of printed flowers like roses, or a plant with a company logo or I love you on the leafs. A printed apple, pear or other fruit and vegetables are also possible to print. For printing food, you need edible inks. Eggs for easter can also be printed with pad pringing.

Right now, printing on fruit and vegetables directly with bar codes is emerging right now. These products are printed with edible inks. This way, packaging is not needed anymore as well as labels, which is good for the envorinment.

Toy industry

Lots of toys are decorated with pad printing. Many of them in multicolour prints. Think about baby doll faces, construction blocs made out of plastic and wood, miniature cars and trains etc. the possibilities are endless. Any kind of toy can be printed in pad printing. In general plastics and wood are printed in this field.

Sports gear industry

Also here lots are pad printing applications can be found. Think for example about golf balls, darts, ice hockey pucks, ski boots, Archery arrows, bicycle parts like, chain caes, bottles and locks.

Pad printing on metal

All kinds of metal can be printed with pad printing like for example aluminium, steel, copper, brass etc. Products made out of metal are for example: tools, technical parts, promotional gifts.

The list of applications is a selection of the many applications you can think of. The purpose of this overview is to inspire you and to show you what is possible with pad printing. This way you can link pad printing with you own application.

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