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About us

Tampo Techniek Nederland BV also known as TTN has been a manufacturer of
pad printing equipment and consumables for more than 35 years. During this period, TTN has
grown into a very experienced supplier for the pad printing industry.

The company, who are we

Tampo Techniek Nederland B.V. also known as TTN is for more than 35 years manufacturer of pad printing machines and supplier of pad printing consumables such as clichés, pads and inks.

During this period, TTN has grown to an experienced partner for the pad printing industry. Through our knowledge and skills we have a wide range of different customers from all kinds of branches. Within these branches, our customers vary from 1 man companies up to large multi nationals.

The ideal pad printing partner for you

TTN is the ideal partner for the pad printing industry. We can supply you anything a pad printer needs. We deliver a wide range of pad printing machines in closed ink cup or open inkwell systems. Our program starts with little hand controlled 1- and 2-colour machines up to semiautomatic 6-colour machines. These pad printing machines are available in almost any printing size. Besides that, we can rebuild any of our pad printing machines into a custom made solution for you. We are happy to think along with you to offer you a suitable machine for your application. At TTN, everything is possible.

Custom-made pad printing automations or custom-made pad printing machines

TTN has a lot of experience in developing custom-made solutions. We can for example combine our standard pad printing machines with linear conveyors, indexing tables, pick and place units, pre- and post-treatment units, drying units etc. Our pad printing machines are also easy to implement into automated production lines. We can offer complete automated printing machines with automatic loading up to packing the substrates after printing.


Besides pad printing equipment, TTN also supplies all consumables you need for pad printing like for example:

  • Pad printing clichés in all qualities and sizes. Also we deliver all thinkable equipment, chemicals and gear to produce your own pad printing.
  • Pads in a lot of standard shapes, qualities and hardnesses. We can also make custom made pads on customer demand.
  • Pad printing inks and corresponding additives like thinner, hardener etc. also we can supply gear to mix inks.
At TTN you are at the right address for everything you need that has to do with pad printing. We would like to think along with you to offer a suitable solution for your pad printing applications. For additional information or offers please contact us or fill out this contact form and we will contact you.

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